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Jack, Will's flamboyant sidekick, is not allowed a relationship either. Never before have we seen women on mainstream TV or Hollywood film so free with sexuality. How could they be otherwise, given the boys they have to contend with? They each are sitting and talking, and though Tina's shirt is off pretty quickly, there is some touching, caressing, and kissing before they jump into the sex. Practical Bette Beals is now running for mayor of LA; former playboy Shane Moennig is filthy rich but pining for her soon-to-be ex-wife; bubbly Alice Hailey is juggling stepmom duties with those of running her popular daytime talk show. I also think that to some degree the kind of — I'm going to call them the rules, but I think it's the wrong categorization — they're always evolving.

Episode rating: 2 out of 5 low-rise jeans circa 2004

The 10 Steamiest and Most Sensual Sex Scenes in ‘The L Word’

During the seventies, when the novels of Anais Nin and Erica Jong were popular, promiscuity became almost a matter of principle for many women newly liberated from old-fashioned notions of what good girls could and couldn't do. It'll be good to take the time to really do an extensive search. No one talks about cutting see footnote 17 for explanation or Jenny's suicide attempt at the end of season 2. One of the strangest storylines is when Jenny and Shane are living together and have a male roommate named Mark. Of course there have been some great shows, but we really still — we're still largely absent in the representation of our lives. In addition to some steamy girl-on-girl action, it also gives us brief updates on major characters from the original series—like Bette Porter Jennifer Beals , who is now running for mayor of Los Angeles, and Alice Pieszecki Leisha Hailey , who appears to be a talk show host, of all things.

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Sex scenes in mainstream television and film have been focused on men and are more about male pleasure than female. Jealousy, possessiveness, and dependence are the stuff of our contemporary morality stories. And there's another piece to it, too: I've remained very close to the cast of "The L Word," particularly with Jennifer, Kate and Leisha. Today more than ever, the sources of that nourishment seem indeed to have dried up. When does casting begin? I recognize it as slightly different, because Marja has a different voice and point of view to me.
Many of the biggest fans of the show were queer women themselves, so having a series that shows women embracing their sexuality and sex lives could be empowering. Is it going to be the same tone and that same quality in Marja's version? While Will and Grace has allowed for the increased visibility of queers, it has done little for queers as people. Love has to be destroyed. The eight episodes in the series will be screened on Showtime from December 8. They are no longer objects of pleasure for men, holes to be drilled.
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